Intelligence Analyst/Curator, Tech Team

The Global Disinformation Index (GDI) is a global not-for-profit organisation dedicated to reducing online disinformation by identifying and labelling domains with a “risk of disinforming” rating.  Our goal is to create a world where we can trust what we see in the media.

The GDI is built on 3 pillars:

Independent: The GDI is not for profit and diversely funded.  It exists solely to assess online publishers’ risk of disinforming their readers.
Neutral: The GDI is apolitical, global, and evidence-based.
Transparent: The GDI’s rating criteria, index methodology, and detailed assessments will all be public, auditable, and disputable.

We continually strive to model the following behaviours in our interactions with others:
●   Positivity: Be a problem solver, not a problem raiser.
  Responsibility: Make it your problem – if it’s not right, fix it.
●   Trustworthy: Make sure others can depend on you – If you say you are going to do it, do it.
●   Respect: Treat everyone, especially those with whom we disagree, with courtesy and respect.

Main Responsibilities

You will support the tech team and broader organization with intelligence gathering and analysis related to online disinformation threat actors.

This includes:

  • Maintaining general but extensive presence on alt- and mainstream social media to stay apprised of and be able to perform detailed research relating to trends, specific actors or threats, emerging or ongoing campaigns, etc.
  • Maintaining extensive awareness of the activities of state-sponsored disinformation threat actors
  • Managing and maintaining relationships with intelligence partners to provide data or insights that augment GDI’s internal intelligence capabilities, either on certain platforms or in certain geographies
  • Sourcing raw intelligence and produce finished reports for GDI’s intelligence customers
  • Maintaining codebooks, lists, and training data on GDI’s growing list of adversarial narrative topics in support of the continued development of GDI’s automated data platform
  • Performing and maintaining records pertaining to content moderation notifications to various platforms
  • Supporting GDI’s publicly facing advocacy and education work, including creating blog posts, research reports, etc., often in collaboration with partners

Experience and Qualifications:


4+ years’ open source intelligence (OSINT) analysis

  • Experience working in diverse, cross-functional teams, including with data scientists, engineers, and product managers;
  • Experience maintaining anonymized access and gathering data from alt social media platform
  • Experience with modern OSINT tools, including custom Google searches, Crowdtangle, etc.
  • Experience interacting with and supporting intelligence customers, including presenting and creating professional finished reporting
  • Experience with standard collaboration tools including G Suite and Slack
  • Concise, effective writer and communicator in the English language


  • Experience with more advanced intelligence software tools such as Maltego, Tableau, and/or Gephi
  • Experience with python and other data science tools, including pandas, numpy, networkx, etc.
  • Experience interacting with data platform APIs
  • Experience managing intelligence partnerships, including internationally
  • Multilingual capabilities strongly desired, especially Spanish and Russian 


Ideally New York City, but all US locations will be considered.


We will consider part time applications also but require a minimum of 3 days per week. Freelance or employment contracts of 1 year can be considered.

Reporting to:

Danny Rogers, Chief Technology Officer

To apply:

Please send your CV to




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