Your GDI Readout: Weekly Reading List

Your GDI Readout: Weekly Reading List

  • November 16, 2020

The Election has come and gone, but we’re not through the woods yet. There are still many battles ahead. This week we explore the impact that election disinformation has had on our democracy and what it means for our future. Are you ready to manage the next wave of disinfo?

As always, share your thoughts and ideas with us on Twitter at @Disinfoindex. We’d love to hear from you.

Prediction: How best to manage disinformation in 2021? (Digital Journal, Nov 15 2020)

Stop the Steal’s massive disinformation campaign connected to Roger Stone (CNN, Nov 14 2020)

‘The Counterattack Has Begun’: How the U.S. Election Changed the War on Disinformation (Haaretz, Nov 14 2020)

Twitter flagged 300,000 tweets for election misinformation (The Next Web, Nov 13 2020)

How Disinformation Is Fueling A Fresh Wave Of Phishing Scams (Forbes Nov 13, 2020)

Americans Were Primed To Believe The Current Onslaught Of Disinformation (Five Thirty Eight, Nov 12 2020)

Taiwan Is Beating Political Disinformation. The West Can Too. (Foreign Policy, Nov 11 2020)

Disinformation is a bell that can’t be unrung (Axios, Nov 4 2020)

How Misinformation Hurts Democracy (UPenn: Wharton, Nov 3 2020)

A Game Designer’s Analysis Of QAnon (Curiouser Institute, Sept 30, 2020)

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