Your GDI Read Out: Weekly Reading List

Your GDI Read Out: Weekly Reading List

  • November 6, 2019

This week, the collection of articles looks at a different disinformation issues playing out in different countries – ranging from Brazil to the US, from “flat Earthers” to political conspiracies. Each of these stories shows the connection of platforms to the process of spreading disinformation and some of the resulting political and social fall-out for society.

We hope you enjoy these articles – and feel welcome to share ideas for other readings with us here or on Twitter @DisinfoIndex

Brazil’s flat Earthers to get their day in the sun (The Guardian, 6 November 2019).

Canada, Wexit, federal election targeted in Russian disinformation campaign: academics (The Vancouver Sun, 3 November 2019).

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones shares videos via French start-up (RFI, 4 November 2019).

Eric Trump: Facts don’t matter as long as it helps their political agenda (Fox News, 5 November 2019).

Girls Do Porn Producer Allegedly Made Fake Porn of Lawyers Suing Him (Motherboard, 4 November 2019).

Hillary Clinton: Zuckerberg should pay price for damage to democracy (The Guardian, 4 November 2019).

Opinion: California’s Anti-Deepfake Law Is Far Too Feeble (Wired, 5 November 2019).

PM accused of cover-up over report on Russian meddling in UK politics (The Guardian, 4 November 2019).

The State of California Could Have Stopped 8Chan: It Didn’t (Bellingcat, 4 November 2019).

Undercover reporter reveals life in a Polish troll farm (The Guardian, 1 November 2019).

Trump Fans Are So Mad at Matt Drudge They’re Trying to Make a MAGA Rival to His ‘Left-Wing’ Site (The Daily Beast, 5 November 2019).

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