Your GDI Read Out – Weekly Reading List

Your GDI Read Out – Weekly Reading List

  • August 16, 2019

This week, we’re taking a global view of the problem of disinformation. In countries such as Sweden, Russia, China, India, and Brazil, how is disinformation spreading, who is behind it, and what are the effects? These articles answer those questions.

We hope you enjoy these articles – and feel welcome to share ideas for other readings with us here or on Twitter @DisinfoIndex

8Chan Refugees Blow Their Anonymity (Daily Beast, 9 August 2019)

China Is Waging a Disinformation War Against Hong Kong Protesters (New York Times, 13 August 2019)

How YouTube Radicalized Brazil (New York Times, 11 August 2019)

Matt Drudge Has Barely Changed Anything About The Drudge Report In The Last 20 Years. This Summer, He Upended Its Advertising Business. (BuzzFeed News, 16 August 2019; GDI mention)

In Russia, Days of Fake News and Real Radiation After Deadly Explosion (New York Times, 12 August 2019)

The Global Machine Behind the Rise of Far-Right Nationalism (New York Times, 10 August 2019)

TikTok is fuelling India’s deadly hate speech epidemic (Wired UK, 12 August 2019)

Thailand builds a ‘Fake News Center,’ Oman trains officials to react to hoaxes and the U.K. is teaching children how to spot misinformation (Poynter, 14 August 2019)

YouTube’s arbitrary standards: Stars keep making money even after breaking the rules (Washington Post, 9 August 2019)

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