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From adtech to adversarial narratives, GDI explores the most urgent issues in disinformation.

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We provide a non-partisan, trusted and independent rating of disinformation risks for news sites.

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The internet has given people access to new tools and platforms to build communities – and new capabilities to speak truth to power.

Yet these same spaces are being abused to spread division, fear and mistrust – and sow the seeds of disinformation. 

It is time to disrupt, defund and down-rank disinformation sites.

The Global Disinformation Index provides advertisers, ad tech companies and platforms with trusted, non-partisan and independent ratings to assess a site’s disinformation risks.


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Disinformation is harmful both online and offline.

The people who spread disinformation have various motives. One of them is financial gain.
This is where the Global Disinformation Index (GDI) focuses its efforts.
To reduce disinformation, we need to remove its financial incentives.
Brands unwittingly provide an estimated quarter billion dollars annually to disinformation sites through online ads served on them.
GDI’s risk ratings provide brands and ad tech companies with a trusted and neutral assessment to use for directing their ad spend.


We envision a world free of disinformation and its harmful effects.


To be the global experts in disinformation risk and catalyse industry to reduce disinformation. We offer a range of products for partners to effectively measure and mitigate their exposure to disinformation risks.

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